Update drake fan club : how to meet drake today

Yesterday, I received a comment from a huge drake fan.I’ll share it with you:


Ever since drake made it big ive had a nack for his music. His style and his flow is rediculous. He is definately my favorite artist. Im 16 years old and not knowing who this guy even is i look up to him! Ive promised myself that one day i would HAVE to meet drake before i die. If it comes down to it i would pay for backstage passes to a concert of his, but i would like to meet drake outside of the buisness life and have a real conversation with him. Afterall he is a human being just like we are. It would be a once in a lifetime experience to meet my biggest role model. Im not some crazy obsessed stalker. Im just an average 16 year old guy that has a dream. ~God Bless,


Daniel Pledger


I love this comment but I’m sad that I cannot help him.


It is true that in the past it was easy to meet drake. Drake was not a huge star like now. Unfortunately, Drake is a mega star now. Therefore I cannot help you to meet Drake as easy as before.


However I’ll be there to help you as much as I can. This is where I need you to build the fan club. That’s the best way to reach Drake right now.


If you like this idea then share your ideas in the comment bellow.


I cannot wait to read you as soon as possible.



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8 comments on “Update drake fan club : how to meet drake today
  1. LeaA says:

    I know meeting him is impossible for me but I just want his fan email to just email him even though he probably won’t answer. I LOVE HIM!!!! he’s like my life!!! oh god if i get ONLY his email nothing else i would be the happiest fan ever!

  2. Jaymee Robinson says:

    Drake is my role model <3 his music, looks, voice, and everything else inspires me. i would give anything to meet him. my birthday is coming up October 22, 2012 ; and i told my parents that if there is music, only Drake songs will be played or i will trip. <3 if i met Drake, it'd make my whole life. i just want to have a regular day with him. i might freak out once, or twice. lol; only cause' id be face to face with my idol <3 i fucking love you Aubrey Drake Graham, always & Forever <3333 below is a picture of me (:

  3. crystal jimenez says:

    I listen to Drake 24/7. I LOVE him, and my only wish is to meet him in person. I will accomplish this ONE day, and I cannot wait to see the day my wish comes true.

  4. Myzz Nessy says:

    I Love Drake Also And I Would Love To Get The Chance To Meet Him I Love His Music I Live For This Guy Just Wish One Day I Can Get To Meet Him

  5. Daniel Norton says:

    I seen drake twice in concert an I’m a die hard fan I wana meet him

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